Best Things to Do in Galle

Are you planning a visit to Galle? Located on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, Galle is a city with a rich history and vibrant culture. From its ancient fortifications to beautiful beaches, there are plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy in this charming city. In this article, we will guide you through the best things to do in Galle, ensuring you make the most of your visit.


Welcome to Galle, a city that combines colonial charm with natural beauty. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a beach lover, or a foodie, Galle has something to offer for everyone. Let’s dive into the top experiences and attractions you shouldn’t miss during your stay.

1. Explore Galle Fort

Galle Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the highlight of the city. Built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and later fortified by the Dutch, it showcases a unique blend of architectural styles. Wander through its cobblestone streets, visit historic buildings, and enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean from the fort walls.

2. Visit the Dutch Reformed Church

The Dutch Reformed Church is a fascinating historical landmark within Galle Fort. Dating back to the 18th century, this church is an excellent example of Dutch colonial architecture. Explore its interior, admire the beautifully preserved tombstones, and learn about the church’s significance in the city’s history.

3. Discover the National Maritime Museum

For maritime enthusiasts, a visit to the National Maritime Museum is a must. Housed in a Dutch warehouse, this museum showcases Galle’s maritime heritage. Explore exhibits featuring ancient artifacts, ship models, and learn about the city’s connection to the ocean.

4. Enjoy the Beaches

Galle boasts some stunning beaches that offer relaxation and water activities. Unawatuna Beach is one such paradise with its golden sands and clear blue waters. You can swim, snorkel, or simply unwind under the shade of palm trees. Another beach worth exploring is Jungle Beach, a secluded and pristine spot surrounded by lush greenery.

5. Take a Stroll along the Galle Face Green

The Galle Face Green is a lively promenade stretching along the coast. It is a well-liked meeting place for both locals and tourists. Take a leisurely stroll, enjoy street food, fly a kite, or simply relax and watch the beautiful sunset over the Indian Ocean.

6. Experience the Japanese Peace Pagoda

For a spiritual and serene experience, visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda. Situated on Rumassala Hill, this pagoda offers panoramic views of the city and the ocean. Take a peaceful walk around the pagoda and soak in the tranquil atmosphere.

7. Sample Local Cuisine

No trip to Galle is complete without indulging in the local cuisine. Visit one of the many charming restaurants and cafes in the city to savor authentic Sri Lankan flavors. Don’t miss the opportunity to try mouthwatering seafood dishes and traditional rice and curry.

8. Shop at the Galle Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct

The Galle Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct is a unique shopping destination housed in a beautifully restored Dutch colonial building. Explore boutique stores, art galleries, and enjoy a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink in one of the cozy cafes.

9. Attend a Cricket Match at the Galle International Stadium

Cricket holds a special place in Sri Lanka, and if you’re a fan, catching a cricket match at the Galle International Stadium is a must. Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere as you cheer for your favorite team and witness some thrilling moments on the field.

10. Discover the Rumassala Sanctuary

Rumassala Sanctuary is a hidden gem located close to Galle. Embark on a nature walk through this biodiverse forest, home to a variety of flora and fauna. Enjoy panoramic views, spot exotic birds, and breathe in the fresh air.

11. Explore the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum Complex

Visit the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum Complex to delve into the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. This museum showcases artifacts, traditional crafts, and exhibits that provide insights into the island’s folklore and traditional way of life.

12. Take a Boat Ride in the Madu River

Embark on a scenic boat ride along the Madu River, located just a short drive from Galle. Cruise through mangrove forests, visit small islands, and observe wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s a peaceful and immersive experience away from the bustling city.

13. Conclusion

Galle is a destination that captivates visitors with its historical significance, natural beauty, and warm hospitality. Whether you’re exploring the ancient fort, basking in the sun on pristine beaches, or immersing yourself in the local culture, Galle offers a diverse range of experiences. Make sure to add these top attractions to your itinerary for an unforgettable visit.


Is Galle Fort worth visiting?

  1. Absolutely! Galle Fort is a must-visit attraction, offering a glimpse into the city’s colonial past and providing stunning views.

What is the best time to visit Galle?

  1. The best time to visit Galle is during the dry season from December to April when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities.

Can I swim at Unawatuna Beach?

  1. Yes, Unawatuna Beach is safe for swimming, but it’s always advisable to check the local conditions and follow any warnings or guidelines.

How can I reach Galle from Colombo?

  1. Galle can be easily reached from Colombo by train or road. The train journey offers scenic views of the coastal route.

Are there any water sports available in Galle?

  1. Yes, you can engage in various water sports such as snorkeling, diving, and jet skiing at the beaches in Galle.

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